The Dialectics of Reflection

On the Work of Monika Kropshofer

Dr. Heinz Höfchen, 2012

The artistic procedure of Monika Kropshofer is determined by the discourse of the media: the basis of the works is her large-format photography, which she changes as a painter by means of applied layers of colour. Landscape and architecture photography is thus placed in a dialogue with simple, constructive forms, questioned and at the same time led onto other medial planes.

The photography gains aura-like quality through the painted intervention of concrete concepts. For Monika Kropshofer, it is first a matter of the personal reaction to her photographic motifs – this reflection turns around the tension relationship between reproduced acquisition of reality and the reality of painting. By means of the painted re-working of the photography, a new reality arises which throws up the urgent question of reproduction and reality. This metamorphosis pushes forward into a further sphere of reflection on the relationship between space, time and material. Here, the medial differences of the works create a dialectically effective approach to the work: poetry and geometry, sensuousness and concept, also space and surface are not thought of as opposites, but reflect unity.

Monika Kropshofer finds her photographic motifs in the most varied of locations. Rome, Athens, but also Vietnam or Iceland motivate discussion. Examples of one group of works, the venetian blinds from 2011, were taken in Southampton, Stockholm and Budapest. The artist in fact has her photographs printed on venetian blinds, technically a great challenge with an amazing effect. With these unusual print surfaces, Monika Kropshofer opens up a further component. Covering and uncovering the picture is added, and, even more is the immanent loss of substance in the reality depicted.


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    September - October 2017
    Exhibition at Wissenschaftszentrum, Bonn, Germany, S
    May - November 2017
    Exhibition at the Villa Vigoni, German-Italian centre for European excellence, Menaggio, Italy S
    March – May 2017
    Exhibition at the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit, Bonn, Germany
    August 2016
    Exhibition at the GEDOK-Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • Translucide
    April – May 2016
    Exhibition at the Gallery Retrouvailles, Stadtbredimus, Luxembourg, S
  • Private View
    April – May 2016
    Exhibition at the Gallery Art nou mil-lenni, Barcelona, Spain
  • Der Rhein - eine romantische Affäre
    October 2015 - January 2016
    Exhibition at the StadtGalerie, Neuwied, Germany
  • back to basics
    October - December 2015
    Exhibition at the Museum Boppard, Boppard, Germany, S
  • Photo Art
    April 2015
    Gallery Catalonia, Bacelona, Spain
  • The world itself
    February 2015
    Exhibition at Kunsthalle Herrenhof, Neustadt-Mußbach, Germany, S
  • Fanweek
    July 2014
    Exhibition at the Gallery pack of patches, Jena, Germany
  • New Works
    May - July 2014
    Exhibition at the Gallery photo-city, Rangoon, Myanmar
  • Insight - Photography and Painting
    January - February 2014
    Exhibition at the Gallery pack of patches, Jena, Germany, S
  • Duett
    November 2013
    Exhibition at the Gallery Alfred Treiber, Wien, Austria
    together with Elisabeth Bergner, S
  • Changing Dream-Streams (II)
    April - June 2013
    Exhibition at museumkrems, Krems, Austria, together with Elisabeth Bergner, S
  • Raumwelten
    February - March 2013
    Exhibition at the state parliament Rhineland-Palatinate, Mainz, Germany, together with Susan Geel, S
  • Journey of Discovery
    October - November 2012
    Exhibition at the Gallery Baum, Seoul, South Korea, S
  • Changing Dream-Streams (I)
    July - October 2012
    Exhibition at the Museum Bingen, Germany, together with Elisabeth Bergner, S
  • About Arcadia
    March - May 2012
    Exhibition at the Media-City, Leipzig, Germany, S
  • La dialectique de la réflexion
    January - February 2012
    Exhibition at the Maison Rhenanie-Palatinat, Dijon, France, S
  • Der ausgedehnte Blick
    September - October 2011
    Exhibition at the Gallery pack of patches, Jena, Germany
  • Interventionen
    March - May 2011
    Exhibition at the Landesvertretung Rhineland-Palatine, Berlin, Germany, S
  • Turm 4: Europapositionen
    March - April 2011
    Exhibition at the Gallery pack of patches, Jena, Germany
  • ArchiTextur
    April - May 2010
    Exhibition at the Museum of the Central Rhine, Coblenz, Germany, S
  • Hybrid
    February 2010
    Exhibition at Espace Paragon, Luxembourg, S
  • moonwalk
    July - August 2009
    Exhibition at the Gallery pack of patches, Jena, Germany
  • Structure and Ornament
    June - July 2009
    Exhibition at the Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong,
    promoted by the German Consulate General, Hong Kong, China, S
  • Water and Stone
    October - November 2008
    Exhibition in the German Cultural Centre Taiwan, Taipei, S
  • Transformationen
    May - June 2008
    Exhibition in the StadtGalerie Baumhaus, Wismar, Germany, S
  • Space Compositions
    March - April 2008
    Exhibition in the Gallery Schöne, Andernach, Germany, S
  • Light Impressions
    September - November 2007
    Exhibition in the Gallery of the Technology Centre Greifswald, Germany, S
  • Structures: Water and Brick
    July - September 2007
    Exhibition in the Museum and Water Tower, Grimmen, Germany, S
  • red (d) dreams
    May - June 2007
    Exhibition in the Showroom Condehouse, Cologne, Germany, S
  • fascination water
    November 2006 - February 2007
    Exhibition in the Gallery at "Strandhotel Ahlbeck", Germany, S
  • AquaTerra
    May - June 2006
    Exhibition in the Kreisverwaltung Bad Doberan, Germany, S
  • S = Single exhibition


Jeder Stein atmet

Calender 2017 "Jeder Stein atmet"

published 2016
13 sheets, each 29,5,x 43 cm

Calender 2017 in conjunction with the project
»Jeder Stein atmet«
Landschaftsverband Rheinland

back to basics

Cover Catalog "back to basics"

published 2015, 92 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-050867-7

Catalogue »back to basics«, published in conjunction with the exhibition "back to basics" at the Museum Boppard, Boppard, Germany

Changing Dream Streams

Cover Catalog "Changing Dream Streams"

published 2012, 84 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-038410-3

Catalogue »Changing Dream Streams«, published in conjunction with the exhibitions at the Museum am Strom, Bingen, Germany and the museumkrems, Krems, Austria


Cover Catalog "Interventionen"

published 2011, 72 pages
ISBN 978-3-00-033741-3

Exhibition catalog »Interventionen« at the Landesvertretung Rhineland-Palatine, Berlin.

Kropshofer, Monika in:

  • Beyer, Savoy, Tegethoff: Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon (AKL), Band 82, Berlin 2014
  • Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon online, (German)


More articles can be found in the press archive.

Changing Dream Streams

Radio Broadcast from 2012, featuring the Exhibition »Changing Dream Streams« (in German) from Monika Kropshofer and Elisabeth Bergner, by courtesy of SWR2.


Radio Broadcast featuring the Exhibition »ArchiTextur« (in German) at the Mittelrhein-Museum Koblenz, Gemany, by courtesy of Antenne 98.0 Koblenz.

2010 - ArchiTextur

TV Broadcast (in German) featuring the Exhibition »ArchiTextur« at the Museum of the Central Rhine, Coblenz, from April to May 2010, by courtesy of


  • born in Neuwied, Germany
  • qualified lawyer with own chancery in Coblenz, Germany
  • study of art history at University Bonn
  • artist in the town Boppard in her own right since 1990
  • 09/2004 Ticino (Switzerland), working stay
  • 11/2005 Florence, working stay
  • 10 - 11/2006 Rome, working stay
  • 12/2006 Hong Kong and Vietnam, working stay
  • 12/2007 Egypt, working stay
  • 2009 Fair participation »cutlog«, Paris, France
  • 03 - 04/2009 Naples, working stay
  • 2010 Fair participation »Art Karlsruhe«, Germany«
  • 2010 Fair participation »International Contemporary Art Zürich«, »cutlog« - Paris, »contemporary art ruhr« - Essen, Zeche Zollverein
  • 2011 Fair participation »International Contemporary Art Zürich«, »Art Karlsruhe«, »c.a.r.« - Essen, Zeche Zollverein
  • 12/2011 - 01/2012 Cambodia and Myanmar, working stay
  • 2012 Fair participation »Art Karlsruhe«, Germany
  • 2010 - 2012 Project »Art in Public Places: Reality and Representation«, Trier, Mainz, Berlin, Annweiler, Rastenberg and Dijon
  • 03/2014 Palermo, Sicily, working stay
  • 06/2014 Project „Moving House”, Architcture Biennale, Venice, Italy
  • 04/2015 »Photo Art« BAHO, Barcelona, Spain
  • 03/2016 »Photo Art« BAHO, Barcelona, Spain
  • 01-12/2016 Project »Jeder Stein atmet«, Landschaftsverband Rheinland, Langenfeld, Germany
  • 10/2016 Project »Moving House« II, Architecture Biennale, Venice, Italy
  • 12/2016 – 01/2017 Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, working stay


Studio Adress

Dr. Monika Kropshofer

Peter-Josef-Kreuzberg Str. 18
D-56154 Boppard

you can contact me either by phone
+49 6742-5093

or email