Elisabeth Bergner and Monika Kropshofer „DUETT“

from 8th to 26th November 2013

The two artists first showed their project „Changing Dream Streams” in the Museum am Strom in Bingen on the Rhine in 2011 and after that in the „Museum Krems”. Here, the subject was two differing artistic points of view of two different cultural landscapes (world heritage locations) in the form of diptychs (double pictures).

Elisabeth Bergner, born in Klagenfurth in 1955, reacts here with her painting to the photographic works of Monika Kropshofer, born in Neuwied (Germany) in 1952. The two artists have meantime developed further in this spirit …

„The picture pairs are the expression of a special kind of artistic cooperation: each side of the diptych elucidates the other in the analysis of the object and in the formal effect of the material used in depiction. Pas de deux, pair-skating, mirror picture, dialectic of colours and form, reciprocal inspiration … those who like to think soberly can imagine the double-entry.” (Dr. Heinz Höfchen)